Meetings are time killers, find out how to avoid them hurting you

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How to manage meetings for efficient collaboration? Are you chasing squirrels in your meeting? Are you getting annoyed of long inefficient meetings that drains your energy and morale? Are you getting stressed by getting trapped in meetings that are out of scope? Are you finding annoying some attitudes or behaviours in meetings the reason why you can’t have your voice heard?

Start by thinking that your brain can only be 100% focused for time spans of 45 minutes. This is the result of a research of Microsoft about the use of Microsoft teams. If you have a limited time of focus, accept a maximum of 3 topics to discuss, avoid any other topic to interfere inthe meeting (We call them squirrels). If squirrels apear in your meeting, just prepare a list of squireels and set a new meeting to talk about them. Set the goal of the meeting and act accordingly.Meetings can be informative, brainstorms, problem solving or decision oriented.

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