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Learn how to use rational and emotional elements in your speech to have a compelling narrative


Make your pitch clear to your audience with Structure, Flow and Visual grammar


Deliver a powerful pitch to Resonate, impact and win your audience’s minds and hearts

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Coaching sessions 1:1

100% Online LIVE course to transform and rehearse your  pitch deck from 1 hour to 6 months customized coaching plans.

Hands-on Workshops

100% Online LIVE WORKSHOP with 1 full day (6 hours) of activities between classes, breakouts and assignments.

Design Services with Pay per Slide

100 % ready to pitch desihn services that includes verbal and visual identity, flow and structure to pitch like a professional

Corporate Programs

100% curated programs to move your team to the next level in business comunication skills

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Demium startups

Specialized programs for leadership

For corporate Leaders


Communication Strategy

Gain credibility and influence building your purpose. Review your mission, vision and values to find logos, ethos and pathos. Your communication strategy is your key to long term success


Structure, Flow & Copy

The base of your communication is your clarity. When you talk, your pitch needs structure and flow. Follow our proven methodology to build clear, simple, structured and audience proof presentations


Neuroscience in action

Deliver impact and resonate in your audience’s mind using neuroscience. Use our tips for every situation and win every heart and mind in your audience. Make your presentations memorable always


Linguistic style for women leaders

Women’s leadership is one of the hot causes of this century. Communication and leadership goes hand by hand. Find your women’s voice and build a linguistic style for leading your career


Anticipate resistance

Any leader’s career is plenty of negotians, debates and hidden fallacies to fight and rebate. Discover the right strategies to set your case and build solid argumen ts to support it

Building startups with skilled mentorship


Find external financing for your venture. Build a structured pitch deck and make your company shine


Build a a business that scale exponentially designing a scalable business model and a clear go to market strategy


Acquire, convert and delight customers with outbound or inbound marketing strategy. Learn SEO, SEM & SMM

A few great programs for startups

For CEO’s and Founders


Investor’s Pitch Deck

Transform, Refine and Rehearse your pitch deck. We offer professional support for Pitch structure, copy and flow. We have experience of +1.000 pitch deck built and + 800 M € finance round closed at different stages


Venture Building

Build your company for success. Avoid mistakes and speed up all the processes for a succesful company in record time. Validate your hypothesis and follow a proven methodology with a experience dedicated coach that will lead you to the next level



Building a financing round isn’t an easy task . Our proven methodology «10 Fundability factors» will help you to speed up the process and present in front of investors like a King and not like a beggar and win.


TRANSFORM. High Impact Content

Transform your content for max impact and conversion. Find the right words, structure, phrases and flow. Build your content around our customer centric methodology and increase your conversion rates and win your next customer.

OUTBOUND. B2B Lead Capture

Plan your B2B sales map and discover that sales is a science. Follow our proven methodology for prospect, lead qualification, winning and successful customer onboarding.

 INBOUND.B2C Customer Acquisition

B2C Go To Market model is the most challenging but also the one with the highest growth and profit potential. Learn SEO, SEM, SMM and all the marketing tools needed to attract and convert customers

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